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s151-egg-graderOur egg graders are manufactured using very sophisticated materials and technologies. Accurate and detailed planning has allowed the engineering and the manufacture of highly reliable and updated equipment from a technological point of view.

Furthermore these egg graders are very easy to operate and require very simple maintenance.

s151-round-table-loaderThe S 151 has a capacity of 15,000 eggs per hour with the following features:

In-line feeding conveyor for the direct supply from the belt coming from the cages, complete with automatic egg pressure control.
In-feeding with 6 rows of rubber rollers, candling booth with 6 fluorescent lamps, egg’s rotating motion to simplify candling.
Grades in 6 classes with 30 precisely scales.
Synthetic belt to transport the eggs from the scales to the hand packing table. Adjustable dividing lathes for all grades.
Trays keeping shelf.
Stainless steel solution.
Electric power 400 Volts 3phase, 50 Hz. 1,1 Kw.

  • Hand vacuum lifter (5×6) for in-line feeding conveyor’s semi-automatic loading.
  • Automatic vacuum loader with round table for 8 trays. The vacuum lifter loads 30 eggs.
  • Egg counter on the in-feeding.
  • Pre-stamping device to stamp the eggs before weighing.

see diagram below



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