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s21-egg-graderOur entry level egg graders are manufactured using very sophisticated materials and technologies. Accurate and detailed planning has allowed the engineering and the manufacture of highly reliable and updated equipment from a technological point of view. Furthermore these egg graders are very easy to operate and require very simple maintenance.

Capacity : 2220 eggs per hour

Feeding Lanes : 1

Weight classes : 7

Power supply : 230 V. Singlephase, 50 Hz

Consumption : 0,18 Kw.

Weighing Scales

These are the “heart” of the egg graders. This is the reason they have been designed and manufactured with such care and precision. For special requirements the counter weight can be set to any weight category

Hand-Packing Table

Made of stainless steel and very easy cleanliness.


All of our egg graders are fitted as standard with a candling system using fluorcesent lamp.

Egg Stamping Devices

Ovobit Egg Printer

Egg Counter

Available on request


a = mm. 1,120
b = mm. 1,100



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