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high-volume-egg-gradersWe supply a range of collectors/packing machines that are an excellent solution for large enterprises or smaller operators alike.

Connecting via a feeder directly to the hen unit this range is capable of packing up to 22,000 eggs per hour.

Detailed information for individual machines can be found on the pages listed below. However, if you need to discuss your requirements in more details please do not hesitate to call us on 01789 720027

Egg Collectors & Packer Machines

Idra 14.5 Egg Collector/Packer – capacity 14500 eggs per hour

Idra 22 Egg Collector/Packer – capacity 22000 eggs per hour

Flashpack Egg Collector/Packer – capacity 80,000 eggs per hour


For further information please call us today on 01789 720027