Riva Selegg Egg Grader Type S 21

Our entry level machine is all stainless and has capacity of 2,220 eggs per hour.

Simple to set up, and can be operated by one person.

Normally available from stock for immediate delivery.

Mechanical stamping or electronic printer also available.



  • Egg loading in 1 row per feed , with candling lamp .
  • Stainless egg collection table for ease of cleaning
  • 6 Precision scales with 7 weight categories.
  • Adjustable guides for the division of egg categories.
Egg Grader Type S 21


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Technical specifications

Speed                                2,220 eggs / hour

Loading                            Manual, single row

Candling                           With LED lamp in the feed chute

Weight categories            7 by means of 6 mechanical scales

Precision                          ± 1 gram

Dimensions (L x W x H)   1110mm x 1110mm x 960mm

Weight                              60 Kg

Power supply                    Single phase, 230V, 0.78A

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