Egg Vending Machines

Reids Equipment provide egg vending machines to enable a simple egg solution for your business.

  • Suitable for a variety of fresh/organic foods
  • Available with increased or decreased capacity.
  • Pricing adjustable
  • Air chilled and insulated, set the temperature and the fan will switch on when temperature is reached.
  • Machine can keep record of sales, volume and price.
  • Durable exterior with high quality finish.
  • An Eggs-press vending machine can be located wherever there is a market for the product; for example at farm gates, farmers markets or filling stations.
  • Alternate trays can be removed to provide flexibility for trays to be combined to create various 'tray' size opening slots to suit your business

How it works:

  • The unit holds 28 Keyes egg trays in individual drawers.
  • When payment is made the door will open and tray can be retrieved.
  • Nayax contactless payment now available
  • Eggs-press can be placed at any location for example, farm gate, farmers market, filling station or grocery forecourt.
  • One main advantage is that it works for you 24 hours, 7 days a week 360 days a year.
  • When stock levels are low, the Eggs-press  vending machine will send you a text message to notify you to replenish stock.
eggspress egg vending machine


Product Model: ZLX28
Electrical Rating: 220v, 50HZ, 1PH
Current: 0.27A
Dispense Current: 2.5A
Power: 60W
Types of Selling: Eggs in a tray
Dim (ft) of Tray: 1*1
Dim (mm) of Machine: 1840H x 1060W x 583D

Dim (mm) of Std Tray: 75H x 330W x 350D
Net Weight: 260KG
Fully Customisable

Our egg vending machines can be branded to reflect your company, farm or shop’s name and style. Branding can include graphics that emphasise the freshness and local factor of the eggs you are selling.

Furthermore, our egg vending machines can be built into, or sited into a kiosk or shed for extra security and/or visual effect.

This means that you have a shop that is always open, selling your eggs with no staff costs or hassle for yourself. All you need to do is stock your egg vending machine.

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