Riva Selegg Egg Grader Type S 41

Entirely made of stainless steel Riva Selegg's semi-automatic grading machine up to 4,680 eggs per hour.

Simple to use with little maintenance whilst delivering high degrees of productivity in a safe smooth way.

Can be supplied with a mechanical stamping system for code and logo printing, or with an electronic printer that allows a high degree of customization. ie. adding 'Best Before' dates etc.


  • Egg loading on plate with removable edges to allow direct connection to the belts coming from the production unit.
  • Candling and mirror lamps along the roller conveyor, for egg quality control during loading.
  • Egg collection table in stainless steel , hygienic and easy to clean at the end of the job.
  • Select 7 weight categories using 12 precision scales .
  • Adjustable guides for the division of egg categories.
  • This model is available in 4 different configurations , with standard or customized infeed according to your needs.


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Egg printer
v42a-2 egg lifter

Technical specifications

Speed                   4,680 eggs / hour

Loading                Manual, or automatic thanks to the loading tray with removable edges

Candling               With LED lamps under the feed roller

Weight categories 7 by means of 12 mechanical scales

Precision               ± 1 gram

Dimensions mm (L x W x H) 3070 x 2215 x 960

Weight                295 kg

Power supply     Single phase, 230V, 1.90A

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