Riva Selegg Egg Grader E10

Our 10,000 eggs per hour Electronic Grading Machine.

The two-stage infeed with overflow sensor allows an optimal distribution of eggs and a first stage control, as well as optimizing machine operation; both in manual collection and in channelled collection on packaging lines.

An undoubted competitive advantage compared to a mechanical machine with electronic weighing and precision.

Giving the ability to;

  • reconfigure the egg outputs as required even during the operation
  • to divert eggs of the same size to several different outputs.

Configurable with any orientation (SX, SX Opposite, DX, DX Opposite) and requires minimal ordinary maintenance, it is safe, easy to clean and sanitize at the end of the work shift.


Roller conveyor with Integrated 3 or 4 Row Speratura Lighting.

Touchscreen and functions for remote control (Industry 4.0).

Two-stage loading tape

Stainless steel egg collection table and modular knitted carpet, both hygienic and easy to clean at the end of the run.

Ability to select 4 weight categories using electronic scales.

Adjustable and removable guides for the division of egg categories.

Available in 4 different basic configurations, customizable according to your needs

RivaSelegg E10 Egg Grader


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Technical Specifications

Capacity 10,000 eggs/hour
Loading Manual or automatic, with conveyor infeed
Candling With LED lamps under the power roller conveyor
Weight categories 4 fully customizable without technical intervention
Precision ± 0.1 gram (precision electronic scales)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Power supply Three-phase, 400V

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