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Reids Equipment offers our customers an easier way to handle eggs for their businesses by providing them with top-notch, industry-leading euipment. At Reids Equipment, we provide an egg machine in the form of vending machines, which offer a rapid, hygienic, and sustainable alternative to fresh eggs that can be tracked and recorded.

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What Is An Egg Machine?

Since an egg machine is open day and night, customers may buy their farm-fresh eggs whenever it is convenient for them. A drawer will automatically open after payment so you may take out your eggs before shutting the drawer and walking out. You can stop worrying about store hours and be certain to receive fresh, free-range eggs whenever it's convenient for you with weekly replenishment.

We can also install or situate an egg machine within a kiosk or shed for added security and/or visual appeal. This means you have an open store all the time where you can sell your eggs without having to pay staff or deal with any hassles. All you need to do is reload your egg vending machine!

Why You Need An Egg Machine

There is no denying that convenience shopping has become more significant to a large number of individuals, especially in recent years. For this reason, when they can avoid crowds, people prefer to have easy shopping experiences. Think of alternative methods to support small, local companies and buy their food. Nonetheless, without sacrificing quality or affordability, the egg vending machines gracefully accommodate this.

Advantages Of Our Egg Machine Here At Reid’s Equipment

Creative ideas such as the egg machine protects small businesses, stimulates the economy, and provides consumers with access to food that is not currently provided by the already overburdened food supply system.

The flavour of fresh, local eggs raised using sustainable and ethical farming methods is preferred by egg lovers. It allows you to conveniently and swiftly shop for fresh eggs around the clock, as farm stores are obviously not always open. You can assist your clients even if you aren't there in person. It is possible to alter the design to your preference and to ensure that the technical specifications meet your needs.

eggs that have been sold from a reids egg machine

How They Work

  • 28 Keyes egg trays are stored in the unit's individual drawers.
  • The door will open and the tray can be collected after payment has been received.
  • Now available is Nayax contactless payment.
  • Eggs-presses can be positioned anywhere, such as at a farm gate, farmers market, gas station, or grocery store forecourt.
  • One significant benefit is that it is available to you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The egg machine will text you to remind you to restock when inventory levels are low.

How Reid’s Equipment Can Help

Owing to our three generations of experience in egg production and packaging, we possess a wealth of real-world experience that allows us to provide an egg machine that dramatically boosts productivity in addition to providing guidelines and information to support your business needs.

We have the knowledge and experience required to be able to provide you with an appropriate piece of equipment. We exclusively stock the best egg machines and provide efficient after-sale services to provide our customers peace of mind.

We are the leading provider of used equipment in the UK, offering reconditioned or used equipment from Lubing for both local and international markets, along with top brands like as Moba, Staalkat, Sanovo, and Prinzen.

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