Staalkat Microcompactor

This machine is suitable for medium sized producers who wish to grade and pack their own eggs.

With this machine the egg can be efficiently graded into 7 grades with a minimum number of operators.

The Staalkat Inter Compacta has a two row row egg supply and a maimum of 6,000 eggs per hour.

A floor space of approximately 5.18 sq metres is required (2.82m x 1.84m)

Candling system, this is where rubber rollers transport the eggs from the infeed table to the candling booth. This allows the eggs to be easily candled with the help of the backspin movement on the rollers.

This machine only requires 2 – 3 operators.

Optional Extras:

This provides a regular flow of eggs from the cages to the graqder in order to optimise its capacity.

Hand Vacuum Lifter
Quick and careful way of loading eggs from trays

Ovobit Printer
Ovobit Egg Printer

Egg Counting

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