Egg Conveyors

When it comes to investing in an egg cleaning machine, Reids Equipment is the only name you need. With decades of experience as suppliers of new and reconditioned egg equipment, induing egg graders, egg conveyors, and egg cleaning machines, the knowledgeable team at Redis is dedicated to finding the right equipment for you and your business. Whether you operate a small farm of a large-scale egg production facility, Real’s equipment provides efficient solutions to meet your specific requirements.

What Is An Egg Conveyor?

The most expensive egg is a hatching egg that has not been hatched. An egg cleaning machine is a specialised piece of equipment designed for the cleaning and sanitisation of eggs in poultry and egg processing facilities. Eggs can potentially have various contaminants, such as dirt, feathers, and other debris, on the surfaces when collected from nests. This cleaning process involves gently removing the dirt and debris without damaging the eggs, removing contaminants,

The use of egg cleaning machines is crucial for large-scale egg production operations where manual cleaning would be impractical and time-consuming. These machines not only improve efficiency but also contribute to the overall quality, hatchability, and safety of the eggs produced.


Morsink egg cleaning machine from Reid's Equipment

Morsink 252 Egg Washer

Egg cleaning machines come in many different configurations, but at Reids Equipment, we only supply the very best. The Morsink Clean Egg 252 is renowned as the best, fastest, and most reliable hatching egg cleaner in the world.  Having been developed over 28 years and used in over 60 countries across the globe, the Morsink 252 stands out as the unrivalled leader in the field.

Taking just 8 minutes to complete a wash cycle, this egg-cleaning machine can deliver 1,980 clean eggs per hour. With a prewash function to prevent nozzles from clogging and a main wash and rinse cycle, paired with the function of washing and sanitising eggs at the same time allows for the fastest washing time and high hatchability. The machine's main features includes seven trays, a temperature gauge, egg wash pump and a water mix valve for the right temperature and automatic shut down when the door is opened.

The Benefits of An Egg Cleaning Machine

An egg cleaning machine offers many benefits that contribute to the hatchability, efficiency, and quality of egg handling and processing. These benefits include:

Reduced Microbial Contamination: Washing eggs can remove contaminants such as dirt, faces, and other debris that may carry harmful microorganisms. By reducing microbial contamination on the eggshell, the risk of bacteria penetration and infection during incubation is minimised.

Improved Egg Hygiene: Clean eggs are less likely to harbour pathogens that could compromise the health of a developing embryo. The ren

Enhanced Visual Inspection: An egg cleaning machine can improve the visual appearance of eggs, making it easier to identify and remove damaged or cracked eggs. Removing these eggs before incubation can impact the hatchability by ensuring that only viable and healthy eggs are selected for the process.

Consistent Incubation Environment: Clean eggs contribute to a more consistent incubation environment. The absence of external contaminants allows for better control of humidity


Why Choose Reids Equipment?

Reid’s Equipment is an experienced egg equipment supplier with decades of industry knowledge spanning three generations. With a longstanding reputation for excellence, Reid’s has consistently delivered top-quality solutions for the egg-industry.

Proven reliability: Reid’s equipment has a proven track record of offering dependable and long-lasting products. Our egg equipment is built to last.

Quality Assurance: Our philosophy is centered on quality. From our egg washing machine to egg graders and conveyors, our equipment meets the highest standards.

Tailored Solutions: At Reid’s, we understand that every egg production facility is different and needs bespoke solutions and requirements. We provide a variety of equipment options that can be tailored to your unique requirements, regardless of the size of your farm or business.

Customer Service: Reid’s is renowned for our outstanding customer service, all the way through from the installation through to post-sale support.

Economic Efficiency: Reid’s equipment is built with economy and efficiency in mind, allowing you to maximise output while lowering operating expenses.

Tailored Solutions: Reids understands that every egg production facility is unique and needs bespoke requirements. We offer a range of equipment solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs, whether you have a small farm or large-scale operations.

Customer Support: Beyond the sale, Reids is known for providing exceptional customer support. From the installation through to post-sale support.

Economic Efficiency: Reids equipment is designed with efficiency in mind, helping you maximise production while minimising operational costs.

An egg washing machine offers many advantages to businesses including reduced contamination, improved egg hygiene, and hatchability. The benefits of these machines make them an essential tool for large-scale egg production facilities looking to streamline their operations and maintain high-quality product standards. If you have any questions, get in touch today and a member of our team will be happy to help.