Egg Conveyors

When it comes to investing in egg conveyors, Reids Equipment is the only name you need. With decades of experience as supplies of new and reconditioned egg equipment, including egg graders, egg packers, and egg conveyors, the expert team at Reids is committed to finding the right equipment for you. Our team has a wealth of practical knowledge to recommend the right equipment to dramatically increase productivity, supplying systems and expertise to help take your business to the next level.

What Is An Egg Conveyor?

An egg conveyor is a specialised piece of equipment used in the agriculture and poultry industry to automate the transportation of eggs from the point of collection to various processing and packing stations. Egg conveyors are designed to handle the delicate natures of eggs and ensure their safe and efficient transportation within a production facility.

Typically, an egg conveyor system consists of a series of belts, rollers, and trays that transport eggs from one location to another. This could involve transporting them from the egg-laying nests to cleaning stations and then to sorting machines and packing areas. Eggs are of course, extremely fragile so egg conveyors are equipped with mechanisms to control the speed and direction of egg movement, ensuring a smooth and gentle handling process to prevent damage.

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The Benefits of Egg Conveyors

An egg conveyor offers many benefits that contribute to the efficiency and quality of egg handling and processing. These benefits include:

Increased Efficiency: Egg conveyors automate the process of transporting eggs from the collection area to the grading and packing stations.

Reduced Labour Costs: By minimising the manual labour required for egg handling and transport, egg conveyors help reduce labour costs. This is valuable in large-scale commercial egg production facilities where labour expenses can be significant.

Gentle Handling: Egg conveyors are designed to handle eggs with care reducing the risk of them breaking or being damaged during transportation. This is vital to maintaining the quality of the eggs, as damaged eggs are unsuitable for sale.

Increased Production: Egg conveyors help egg producers handle larger volumes of eggs efficiently. As production capacity increases, businesses can meet growing demands.

Flexy Eggway Egg Conveyors

Egg Conveyors come in many different configurations, but at Reids Equipment, we only supply the very best.  Flexy Egg Conveyors is renowned as one of the best conveyors in the world. Standing out as an unrivaled leader, its supreme versatility and adaptability make it the ideal choice for small farms up to large industrial production plants, whether it’s equipped with cages, aviaries, or automatic nests.

What truly sets this egg conveyor apart is its innovative chain design a concept that has no comparison to anything else on the market. With two meticulously calibrated and tempered external chains seamlessly connected by a single ring, it delivered unparalleled durability, exceptional resistance to stress, and an extended lifespan.

Available in six different sizes and with four types of chains available, the Flexy Eggway egg conveyor proves its versatility and functionality; it can reach capacities of over 100,000 eggs / h. When you choose the Flexy Eggway conveyor from Reids Equipment, you’re choosing excellence and longevity, ensuring a smooth and efficient egg-handling process for your facility, no matter its size or requirements.

Why Choose Reids Equipment?

With decades of experience that span three generations, Reids Equipment are experienced egg equipment provider. With a long-standing reputation for excellence, Reids has consistently delivered top-quality solutions for the egg industry.

Proven Reliability: Redis Equipment has a history of providing reliable and durable solutions. Our egg equipment is built to last.

Quality Assurance: Quality is at the core of our philosophy. Our equipment meets the highest standards from our egg graders to packing systems and egg conveyors.

Tailored Solutions: Reids understands that every egg production facility is unique and needs bespoke requirements. We offer a range of equipment solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs, whether you have a small farm or large-scale operations.

Customer Support: Beyond the sale, Reids is known for providing exceptional customer support. From the installation through to post-sale support.

Economic Efficiency: Reids equipment is designed with efficiency in mind, helping you maximise production while minimising operational costs.

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Egg conveyors offer many advantages to businesses including increased efficiency, reduced labour costs, improved egg quality, and enhanced worker safety. The benefits make egg conveyors an essential tool for large-scale egg-production facilities looking to streamline their operations and maintain high-quality product standards. If you have any questions, get in touch today and a member of our team will be happy to help.